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Ether of Magic Cards
Games Description
The Head Wizard has betrayed the Guild, creating a magic army. Now you must fight magic fire with magic fire.
Instructions :
When it's your turn, choose one of the 5 cards shown and then click either Spell to cast the spell on the card, or Burn to burn the card, giving you 5 extra points of energy (Ether). By filling your Ether bar, you will build up a super attack. Using a defense card will decrease your attack power. Regeneration or poison will affect the person casted during each move of the round. (You cannot be killed by poison alone.) A curse will lower all stats for the course of the battle. There is no cure. Dispell takes away the enemy's positive bonuses. When paralyzed, you cannot move. The next card you Spell will not affect your opponent, but will cure your paralysis. Defeating your enemy will either add a new card to your deck, or give you a health bonus.
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